Chantal was the angel driver from Red Cross who picked my Dad to attend the VON Day Away Program.  She was so wonderful to him and he would watch out the window for her to arrive.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to know their family member is being well cared for.  It is in her heart.  She is such a gentle soul who has truly found her calling.

Deborah Griffin

I would like to give a top review for Chantal’s service/business.  She was always a wonderful help to my mother (82) who has the beginnings of Dementia.  I cannot emphasize enough how delighted we all were with her attitude, humility and sincerity.   I fully recommend her


Chantal is a truly caring person who took great care of my mom.  My mom also really enjoyed her company and care.  I would highly recommend her services.

Cheryl Schneider

Chantal is trustworthy, efficient and reliable.  She took care of my Down syndrome brother by driving and escorting him to the Toronto airport and back, so he could spend a 3 week vacation with his California family.  It was such a special time for all of us to be together, and only possible due to Chantal’s help and expertise with Down syndrome personalities.  Her experience is invaluable, my brothers trip went smoothly and without incident.  I can’t thank her enough for her effort to coordinate all parts of his trip by working with Kim and the staff at the Creedan Valley Care Community. 

With much appreciation.  


Very professional and very compassionate.  I highly recommend

I am truly grateful to Chantal and her staff for the amazing services they were able to provide to my 88-year old mother who is in poor health and has severe mobility issues.  Last fall,  my mother was in sudden need of transportation for day-to-day errands and her many medical appointments.  Chantal and her staff were able to not only provide a means of transportation but also accompany my mom to her doctors’ appointments and help decipher the medical jargon which my mother had trouble understanding. As I do not live close by my mother, it was a blessing and relief to be able to rely on Chantal and her staff.  I found Chantal and the employee who accompanied my mother on each of her trips to be very pleasant, professional and compassionate.  More importantly, my mother was very happy and comfortable using the service.  Thank you so much, Chantal. 

Nancy Sherwood

Thank You!

I want to say a huge thank you to you for all you have been doing for my Aunty Renee. Even in her hey-day she was not a woman to be easily managed – given her current state of mind and health conditions, she must be nigh on impossible. It’s a huge worry being so far from her, but if I am completely honest, I also have a guilty sense of relief that I am not the one on the daily firing line. You are a total heroe and we as a family are very lucky to have you on hand, prepared to take the abuse that I know she is flinging at you.


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